My Background

Sayantan Dutta, with his favorite shooting machine Nikon D5 with Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4

  I am a commercial photographer and shoot as-per assignment demands. I follow the candid style of shooting and you will never know when I have acquired the shot capturing your precious lively moments. I have some sense in the field of Portrait and fashion photography shooting this for more than a decade now and adept in Candid Wedding and Street - and I also mentor this genre.    

Workshops & Photo-tours

Sayantan Dutta, during a practical session on composition in a workshop with Future forward

The upcoming Workshop is on the 11th of August in Delhi 

Topic: The Nuances of Portrait photography and lighting - Powered by GODOX and Future-Forward

Below event to register: 


Samyang Lens

I do not suffer from 'GAS' - Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but use updated and recent gears depending on the usage in assignments. Follow this section for news on new gear as how they really performed during the actual shoot-out on the job, and not a planned brand supported review. The problems faced and advantages that helped.